Jungle Disk + Triniterns: Getting Productive this Summer

As summer approached, I was invaded by conflicting feelings. At first, I was glad that I could relax after a stressful semester. Still, the idea of being at home all day without much to do made me realize that I wanted to be more productive during my time off of school. For as long as I can remember, I had balanced summers, handling internships that allowed me to learn and further my career while still having free time back home in Quito, Ecuador, where I could spend it with family and friends. This summer, I decided to challenge myself and explore a forgotten dream by staying in San Antonio.

My entire life, I always wished to start my own company, following the steps of people who I so much admire, like my dad. I always knew this was a decision that came along with a lot of risk and responsibility, but I never thought I could really fully learn how to successfully create my own business. I always thought it would be one of those things that you have to do through trial and error. Eventually, as I grew up, the idea of joining a bigger company feels safer and therefore I got used to it as I developed my education at Trinity University through my double major of finance and business analytics and technology (BAT). Nevertheless, my wish to pursue my dream was reignited after I heard about Students + Startups. The program offered by the university allows small startup companies be paired with hand-selected interns, in order to create the perfect match between company and intern to create a project during summer that allows the student learn about the different challenges and rewards of being part of a startup company. When I heard the description of the program, I knew it was just what I was looking for and I applied as soon as possible. Through the process, I got to meet the great and supportive entrepreneurial community of San Antonio. Although all the businesses seemed great, at the end I chose Jungle Disk, as the idea of being in a growing technological company appealed to me the most.

During our first day, I struggled with feeling nervous and excited. I had waited all semester to be introduced to the team and to my position inside the company. Afraid of making a rookie mistake, I wondered in the office to find — to my surprise — very warm and helpful people who were ready to simplify this technological wonderland. I met great people who helped me understand the basics of their jobs and the different products that the company offered. From cloud storage, network protection, email archiving and phishing alerts, I rediscovered the many products that Jungle Disk offered all in one software suite. At first, it was a lot to take in, since the only technical experience I had was a few technology classes, but nothing as complex as the software they offered. Soon, they ended my worries by explaining each and every one of them in simple common English, which allowed me to grasp a better understanding of the software that has eventually grown into a comfortable tool that I hold great admiration for. It is user friendly, and helpful for companies to take care of their data security all in one place.

That’s when I started wondering, how can I, a simple intern — or Trinitern as they fondly like to refer to us as — actually help them? They soon gave me many options for projects that I could be interested in. I choose a project where I could use my business knowledge and help the company make better use of their advertisements and target their customers in order to expand their audience. So far I am very excited to learn about the different tools that allow marketing to be effective, and feel confident in the support that this workplace environment brings to expand in my knowledge.

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