Jungle Disk + Triniterns: Shaking Things Up

This whole story began in February, when my friend forced me to come with her to an info session for a strange-sounding internship program — Students + Startups. After the session was over, I thought through my options for the upcoming summer, and this honestly sounded like a pretty sweet deal. So, after completing the rigorous application and interview process, here I am! I’m excited to be working as the communications and marketing intern this summer here at Jungle Disk. As a rising senior economics major and art minor, I’m anticipating the development of my proficiency in this growing industry and to gain experiences beyond my studies and explore my skills in writing, editing and distributing content.

Specifically, I’ll be working on this very Jungle Disk blog alongside Christina Weaver, the resident communications guru. I’ve been working at my school’s newspaper as a copy editor, copy chief and section editor for more than a year, so I hope I’ll get to use my knack for editing, managing and writing. I also hope to be able to grow my proficiency in blog managing software and the more techy side of it all. I will also get a chance to play around with SEO (search engine optimization) to help Jungle Disk blog posts appear higher up in the ranks of search engine results. I’m really excited to dive into this new world of data backup and cybersecurity.

Though I don’t have a very strong understanding of the tech side of most startups, I’d like to become more proficient in it, partially through reading and editing the language within these blog posts. I want to continue the type of analytical thinking that I do at the newspaper and create a working style guide that helps me learn this terminology.

Next fall I will be studying abroad in Budapest, Hungary. I keep getting a lot of questions about how I came to pick Budapest — but the truth is that there was no logic to my madness. I just wanted to take advantage of what my college education offered before it’s too late. I want both this internship and studying abroad to be invaluable experiences and shake me out of a personal rut. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I feel like I’m in an odd state of limbo. This summer I’ll still be living on campus at Trinity, my home for the past three years, with some of my closest friends who also have internships in the city. But now classes are over and campus is practically empty. I won’t see my professors or peers again until January of next year. This summer will be important for creating meaningful memories with my Trinity family. But I also want to make the most out of my work experience at Jungle Disk by pushing myself to learn new skills.

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