Jungle Disk + Triniterns: Software, Servers and Tutorials! Oh my!

Like my peers, I looked everywhere for a summer internship during my sophomore year. Up until spring break, I had not secured an internship. However, Grant Herbon from Jungle Disk emailed me and we scheduled a phone interview. I was happy to finally get an interview, but was a little hesitant since I did not have any luck with previous interviews with other startups. Just a couple of days after the phone interview, I received an offer from Jungle Disk and decided to go with it.

On the first day, I was very nervous since I had never worked in a startup before. People in the office were very friendly and guided me through the initial steps. Jorge and Grant walked me over the company’s portfolio. I learned about various services provided by Jungle Disk and how important and vital they are to small businesses.

Within the first week, I sat down with Grant to talk about what I’m going to do for the internship. I chose to work with the support group to complete and maintain compatibility matrix for the Jungle Disk software, which is a little different from the project I had going in mind into the internship. To do this, I’m going to use the spare server in the office to set up a Linux server and use Kernal-based Virtual Machine (KVM) to create virtual machines used to test different Linux distributions and flavors.

While I’m a computer science major, I have very limited experience with Linux outside of school. With no prior experience dealing with servers, every now and then, problems seem to randomly appear that require troubleshooting. Thus, setting up a proper Linux server was very difficult and time consuming. While they are a pain to deal with, they help me to learn more about computer science than I would in school. Working in this unfamiliar environment gives me a better understanding of the field and what people deal with everyday.

Setting up a server is only a small part of my job, most of my time will be spent utilizing Ansible, an automation software, to set up various virtual machines and testing the Jungle Disk software. I will be looking up tutorials for using the software since Ansible has its own language. Fortunately, there are people in the office who have done a whole lot with Ansible that I can seek help from.

These are the tasks I’m set to do this summer and trying to get done by the end of the internship. I hope this experience will solidify my technical skills that I need. While my project is not critical to the Jungle Disk suite, I hope it will at least help the support team by providing them information about the software compatibility.

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