Jungle Disk + Triniterns: Let’s Get Professional

I applied to the Students + Startups program for the obvious reason — I had to get an internship over the summer. Usually, I decide to go home, to Kathmandu, Nepal, or as in the case of last summer when I decided to study abroad in Japan. However, with graduation approaching in six months, I decided to prioritize my career and stay here in San Antonio.

As a senior engineering science student, I took up a rather unconventional position for my major. While the program offered a lot of positions for engineers, some that I really liked, I decided to join Jungle Disk as they offered me a data analyst position. Having done projects for engineering design sequences and working on similar things in past internships, I have realized the importance of proper data collection and analysis to identify and solve problems in the most effective way.

I have been assigned to work with the technical support team to make reports on calls being sent and received by sales and support based on date, time and day of the week. Mandy, who is the head of support, told me what kind of data she wants to see and introduced me to the software used by support called Zendesk. So far, I have been getting accustomed to the Zendesk API and analytics interface and proposed improvements, some of which have already been approved and I have started work on.

Over the next few months, I will try to integrate real-time analytics to the current system. To achieve that, I have been learning the Pandas extension to Python. I will be using it for data visualization like generating graphs, box plots, etc. I will also be integrating it with Zendesk API so my software can import, analyze and export the processed data with minimal user input. Through this project, I could hopefully get experience in high-level programming and data analytics while providing Jungle Disk with useful tools.

So far, I really appreciate that I am allowed to do the project any way I like, as long as I get the results expected from me. The scope and challenge of the project is very exciting, and I am looking forward to the experience over the next few months.

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