Jungle Disk + Triniterns: Absorbing Wisdom by the Buckets

As the end of the spring semester neared, I was not expecting to be spending my summer as an intern at Jungle Disk along side eight other brilliant Trinity students. I was expecting to be semi-bored, working random hours at the New Braunfels Target store like I had for the past few summers. Saying this, when Grant Herbon called me at the last minute asking if I would like to be an intern for Jungle Disk, I jumped at the opportunity. This summer, I have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to work alongside Zac Levin and the sales team in order to work on developing their recent acquisition, SafetyNet. In addition, I will be introduced to the basics of sales and marketing.

Although I love my major of economics, I am still very unsure with what I want to do with a degree in it once I graduate. This internship was exciting for me as it would give me a chance to use what I have learned in school in order to see if sales is a path I would want to go into. Since I did not have any direct goals in this internship, my main ambition for this summer was to learn and grow. Luckily, Jungle Disk is not only one of the startups in the Rand Building with the most employees, but also the startup in the program who took on the most interns for the summer. This means I have the ability to learn from not only a wide variety of professionals but also a good number of my peers.

Being the last of the interns to do their introductory blog post, some time has past since the internship started. In this time, I have been able to get a grasp of QuickBooks Online, the accounting software that SafetyNet interacts with. Apart from this, I have established a basic understanding of Intercom, Prosperworks, MailChimp and the Jungle Disk products, all items that serve as important when speaking of the sales side of the office.

While I do not know exactly what is coming as I continue this internship , I do have a lot to look forward to for the rest of the summer. Attending entrepreneurial events, a CPA (certified public accountant) convention in addition to eating at great restaurants downtown are just a few of these things. It would be safe to say that I am beyond excited for these things and the mystery that interning at a startup has to offer.

I would like to give a huge thanks to Carmen Aramanda and the Students + Startups program at Trinity University for making this opportunity to possible. Beyond this, I would like to thank Geekdom, the 80/20 Foundation](http://8020foundation.com/), and Jungle Disk for having me in San Antonio this summer. I am very excited to report back at the end of this summer and tell you guys how things go. Until then, I will be hard at work trying to absorb as much wisdom and experience that I can from this 10 week program.

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