Cyber Talk Radio: Using Technology to Clear Criminal Records

Bret Piatt, CTR Host and Yousef Kassim, CEO of Easy Expunctions - Week 88 of Cyber Talk Radio

This past Saturday, June 2, episode 88 of Cyber Talk Radio hit the air on 1200 WOAI and iHeartRadio streaming. I was joined by Yousef Kassim, CEO of Easy Expunctions, to discuss his business, which aids individuals in clearing their criminal records.

I start off the segment by chatting with Yousef, who gave me a brief lowdown of the Easy Expunctions’ journey since he first had the idea for it until he moved it to San Antonio in 2016. Easy Expunctions is a website that enables people to officially clear their criminal records by providing step-by-step instructions to navigate the legal processes, simplifying the complicated system without the need for an attorney. This need for a simplified expunction service applies to anyone who gets arrested that are never convicted or are dismissed, but the arrest still remains on their record. One instance shouldn’t keep individuals from getting a job or an education — as 90 percent of employers do perform background checks. Yousef told me about how he’s had some happy feedback from customers who’ve gotten their record successfully cleared, which has been the best kind of reward from this venture. Easy Expunctions is now the largest expunction service — not law firm — in the country, and operates in six states in addition to Texas. We end the segment with an emphasis that this service is really unique and helpful because it is the cost-effective alternative to hiring an attorney for those who aren’t privileged enough to have access to the resources for one.

In the second half of the show, we dive deep and look at the specifics of how Easy Expunctions navigates and facilitates their services. Can someone get their juvenile record expunged? Charges from a juvenile court do not appear in background checks and are highly protected, so Easy Expunctions does not handle those, but if someone was under 18 and was somehow tried in a municipal — or adult — court, then Easy Expunctions could still help out. What were the steps to create an expunction service? Yousef spent three months writing the patent for the company and then hired a team to help him work out the more technical software side of the company. He then found out that data acquisition is tricky, and ETL (extract, transform and load) is a software the Easy Expunctions uses to find arrest records from states and counties. We wrap up the episode by discussing the significance of the economic incentives that Easy Expunctions received to move to San Antonio from Austin, and how entrepreneurs and startups would greatly benefit from looking into city- and county-sponsored opportunities.

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