Microsoft Office Tenant 365: What You Need to Know

All this cloud talk can be very confusing. I know it was for me when I first started and had to work on just learning terminology! After familiarizing myself with a lot of this, I found one particular cloud productivity suite to be a bit more complicated to grasp than the others. The infamous Office 365.

While it took a bit more time to learn this productivity suite, it all started to fall in place once I understood the madness. However, I find that customers we assist on either moving their existing Office 365 accounts over to us or build brand new accounts with us have the same trouble I was having. This is one of the perks of having us manage the account for you! We already know how Microsoft works and can help with your Office 365 needs.

I did want to cover what a tenant with Office 365 is, since everything will be tied to that.

When you first create a Microsoft Office 365 account, you need to find a domain that is available. Typically, companies will use the domain that they use everywhere else (existing mail, website, etc.). This is the first step and you want to be sure this is good moving forward because you can NOT change it down the road.

The box above represents what your tenant name would be and everything in the box will be tied to that name. For instance, when you set up mailboxes, you will see that when you create users, you will create them with the full tenant name at first. Don’t worry, you will be able to change it later to just your domain. But when you set up the users, you will see that it looks like: [email protected]. This will be the case for any distribution lists and groups that you set up as well.

##Use My Domain

Having everyone set up on this temporary mailbox is very useful when you are moving from one email host to Office 365. When you are ready, you can then add your own domain to that account, in this example, When the domain is added and verified through the Office 365 admin console, you will then be able to change all the email addresses to something like [email protected]. Crazy? Well, let us help! We have done a lot of these and have a lot of email and migration expertise.

##OneDrive and SharePoint

These two are great tools to use to store your files and use for collaboration (we recommend to back up this data with our Jungle Disk backup solution). The point I wanted to make here is that when you utilize these, you will see the URL “” in OneDrive and “” for your Sharepoint site. Of course, you would see the tenant name you created but I’m just going off the example from before. When you are sharing documents or files, these are the URLs that the people you are sharing with will see.

The reason I bring this up is because some customers will rename their company or shorten their domain and not realize that this will not reflect on the OneDrive and the Sharepoint site URLs. You can not change the tenant name either. If you wanted to change the tenant name from “” to ‘” you would have to set up a whole new tenant and migrate your data. We can help with this too if it is something that you need done.

There are many things to consider and many things that can be overlooked when trying to move to a cloud-based solution for your email and collaboration needs. Let our team of experts work with you on a plan and help make it a smooth transition!

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