Facing the Reality of Your Disaster Recovery Plan

How seriously does your company take its DR (disaster recovery) plan? Is your IT administrator running periodic restores to check the validity of your backups? There are several things you should do on a regular basis to ensure your backups are always readily available.

Many IT companies run weekly disaster recovery checks, but this very much depends on your use case and personal needs. As a rule of thumb, I would at least run quarterly restores to ensure you can quickly access anything you may need in case of disaster. Nevertheless, you should always have at least a few copies of all of your mission critical data on hand at all times. Two local copies on hand should suffice, while having remote copies on top of that in case of an act of God, like a fire or flood (Jungle Disk can help you keep a copy of your mission critical data in several geographic locations).

Having redundancy might seem unnecessary to someone that doesn’t work in the data security field. You might think that you may be safe with one or two copies of this info in your office. Protecting your business critical data should be one of the highest priorities as a company, because as we have all seen in the news lately, cyber crime is at an all time high, especially with customer or patient data. All companies, both small and large, have an obligation to their customers, clients and employees to protect their data from hacking, intrusion or hardware failure.

If you need help with your disaster recovery plan, please reach out to the Jungle Disk team. We can help ensure you keep your critical data safe from accidents and attacks.

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