Behind the Scenes: What Makes a Great Customer Service Experience?

Our customer service team is built with skilled, empathetic and engaged individuals. Still, we’re constantly working to make the customer service experience at Jungle Disk better.

Improving the customer service experience is a great way to improve relationships with our customers. No matter how great our product is or how talented our staff is, one of the things that customers are most likely to remember is the direct interaction they have with our company. Our customer service team is the face of our company in many cases, which means that the customer experience is defined by the skill and quality of the support they receive. Even when we think we already have great customer relationships, a smart company will always continue to ask for feedback. I carefully listen and pay attention to our customers’ needs and wants. If we aren’t constantly on the lookout for ways to improve, then our relationships may stay stagnate.

When I ask myself, “What makes a good customer experience?,” a few things come to mind immediately:

  • Get a live representative who is knowledgeable without a wait: Not only do we have less than 25 second average answer times when you call or chat, but we don’t put you through the pain of the “phone tree selections” in hopes that you chose the right option to get routed to the right person. We’ve all been the customer in that situation and it’s awful. I’m fully aware that you have better things to do like running your business rather than spending time on the phone with us, so making it as painless and quick as possible is one of our main focuses.

  • Empathy, patience and consistency: When a customer contacts us, it’s because they need help with our product(s). Often it’s due to something not working right. It’s important to show that we care through empathy. We truly want to deliver a product that brings you value and makes your life easier. In the many conversations we have, some customers will be upset. Others will be full of questions. And others will just be chatty. We need to know how to handle all of them and provide the same level of service every time.

  • Clear communication: We try to ensure that we convey to customers exactly what we mean in a way that each customer understands. We also use authentically positive language no matter what and never end a conversation without confirming that the customer is satisfied.

  • Knowledgeable: Ultimately, our customers rely on us for our knowledge of the Jungle Disk products. I encourage the team to stay informed enough to respond to most inquiries and know where to turn if the questions become too detailed or technical to answer. It’s also okay to say, “I don’t know.” Customers will appreciate the honesty and the effort given to find the right answer.

  • Follow through: We can’t solve every problem in the moment. We can solve a high percentage in the moment, but not all. When we can’t, we ensure that we follow up with the customer along the way and follow through with solving their issue or question to the end. If you say you’ll call a customer back, you better do it. I’ve had so many experiences with other companies who have no follow through and it’s honestly a terrible experience.

If you’re already a customer, or thinking of being one, know that Jungle Disk is 100 percent committed to the above practices.

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