CPA Society Member Appreciation Day: A Trinitern’s Take

Going into the summer as an intern, I was under the impression that I was going to be hidden in the office, working on obscure tasks that would teach me how to become a little more professional. Jungle Disk has already shown me that not all internships are that way, but that fact was shown off today as I, an intern, was brought as one of three representatives to work the booth at the San Antonio Chapter CPA Society Member Appreciation Day event. Before breaking down my personal experience at this event, I will begin by giving an overview of the amazing speakers who presented.

There were four amazing individuals who presented and gave the CPA’s hours of credit for their continuing education compliance for this year. To begin the day’s agenda, Jungle Disk’s very own CEO, Bret Piatt, began with explaining the risk involved with using Internet-connected technologies in the accounting workplace, including cyber attacks, natural disasters and user malice. Along with this, he explained tips and advice for cyber protection and security.

Susan Cone Kilgore from Lesser Law Firm PLLC took the stage next and gave a presentation on the #MeToo movement, harassment and pay disparity. I think this was a very informative speech and I applaud her for spreading this message in a way that kept the audience attentive.

The remaining two speakers, Mitchell Soward from Entrust Technology Consulting Services and Ann Ward from Ward Certified Consulting LLC, spoke on the topics of tech tips and synergy throughout a workplace, which included dealing with emotions. I found both of these speeches to be very interesting, but a lot of the tips were for programs and different technologies that I do not use currently.

Beyond the speakers, the experience of working behind the Jungle Disk table was very fun. As this is my first time I have ever worked an event like this, it was very new to me to talk to business professionals about what Jungle Disk could offer them. However, the networking moments between the speakers was my favorite part. For this event, we decided to bring t-shirts and stickers to show our appreciation for the CPAs. And let me tell you, they were a hit. Talking to the attendees was interesting too because it allowed me to see how they value cybersecurity in general. While most of the audience tended to have a basic understanding of its importance, my favorite quote from this event had to be, “I don’t really use any online cyber protection. My kind of cybersecurity is turning my computer off.”

I am super glad that I got this experience during my summer at Jungle Disk and I am excited to help contact some of the CPAs after the event! I would like to thank the San Antonio Chapter of the CPA society and the sponsors that help this event happen, which included Jungle Disk. Beyond this, I want to thank Zac Levin and Del Peñano from Jungle Disk for taking me along with them and giving me the ultimate internship experience!

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