A Trinitern’s Take on Podcasting with Cyber Talk Radio

On my first day as an intern, I was ushered into a small conference room. I was told that it doubled as the podcasting studio for Jungle Disk CEO Bret Piatt’s cybersecurity show, Cyber Talk Radio. I wasn’t expecting to get firsthand experience so quickly. Soon, our first guest, Yousef Kassim, was in the studio chatting about his fascinating startup, and I was taking tedious notes, scared that I’d miss any detail in their friendly conversation. This, and the subsequent three episodes (plus three more unaired) that I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in on have been really insightful to me. I find it very rewarding to help write the episode recaps and get the main points across to our listeners and Jungle Disk blog readers.

In addition to the episode where Yousef discusses how his business Easy Expunctions helps people clear their criminal records, I really loved listening to Chris Cortez of Microsoft Software and Systems Academy break down how they educate military members in technology to encourage growth and job placement after service. I was most impressed with how great of a conversationalist Bret is — he can pull enough material out between him and his guests to fill up two 25-minute segments for each episode that we record (that’s a lot of time!). He can always find something to talk about if the main topic of the episode has been exhausted, which is such a talent.

As a journalist (I work for my school’s independent newspaper) and advocate for local journalism, I appreciate the show’s dedication to local industry and helping entrepreneurs in the San Antonio area get their stories out. It is a softer and more accessible version of what we try to achieve in reporting, and I’d love to use this experience to help the Trinitonian get more stories out there. I am especially intrigued in the possibility of this format of a weekly podcast that would perfectly align with our weekly newspaper that focuses on local and community issues.

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