A Trintern’s Take: Mentoring High School Students

During my time at Jungle Disk, I have been able to participate in many valuable programs. This month, I will be part of the San Antonio ISD summer internship program at Highlands High School. In partnership with the SAISD Foundation, SA Works and the San Antonio Independent School District, Jungle Disk was able to offer a paid internship for 21 Highlands High School students this summer. Out of the nine interns at Jungle Disk this summer, four of us are going to be attending the high school on Mondays and Fridays to mentor to the students. For the past few weeks, we have been working on an outline for the students. We came up with a schedule to guide them on their marketing research throughout the program. They are going to be learning about the different Jungle Disk products and why they are important to other businesses, and hopefully by the end of the program they will be able to come up with a full marketing analysis for the Jungle Disk cybersecurity suite.

After all of the planning and anticipation, the internship finally began this Monday. We all arrived at the high school, and headed towards the library, there we met with the students and the staff from the different organizations involved in the program. They were all really nice and welcoming. After the introductions, we all moved to the computer lab were the students would be working and separated into groups and got our students set up with the different assigned Jungle Disk products. My group got the Jungle Disk core cloud backup product — I explained how the software works and showed them different online resources so that they could start their research. We also helped all of the students to set up Gmail and other workplace messaging accounts such as Slack to facilitate communication.

On Tuesday, we had a press conference to publicly kickstart the internship program. Jungle Disk CEO, Bret Piatt, and officials from the district were present, they all gave speeches about the program for the students and for the local news. After the press conference, the students got straight to work at the computer lab. We decided to talk to the students about basic presentation etiquette and how to effectively put together a Powerpoint presentation. I was very impressed with our students — they are all very eager to work and they don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Overall, I think that this program is going to be a huge success. The students have great attitudes and they are all taking their research very seriously. I have only been with them twice this week, and I can already see that they are grasping the information. During the week when we were not at the high school, they have been messaging us with questions about the products and their presentations. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to participate in this program as a mentor. Not only will it be beneficial for the students, but also for me personally. I have the chance to pass on what I have been learning during these past few months at Jungle Disk and the past three years at Trinity to all of these students that either will be going to college or joining the workforce this fall or next year. They will be prepared to take on the challenges that come with college and hopefully other internships in the future.

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