Jungle Disk + Triniterns: From AI to Mentorship

At the beginning of this summer, I was originally working on a chatbot project with two other interns, Hayley and Miranda. During this process, we learned a lot about the DialogFlow interface and layout. However, we began to realize that this would not work as well as expected. Along the way, we each worked on separate personal projects as well. I worked on learning Python, HTML and Flask-SQLAlchemy. I learned these languages and concepts with the help of Mike DeFelice who guided me through the process of creating and launching a website. The website is very minimal and does not serve a function. However, it served as an example of how databases and websites can be connected and manipulated. I am able to use this information as guidance in my computer classes this upcoming year. This also allowed me to have experience in what would be necessary for companies to have access to with databases.

As a trait of a startup company, there was a drastic change in my focus during the last few weeks working at Jungle Disk. I was asked, along with three other interns, to help mentor a group of high school students within the stationed at Highlands High School. Each Trinitern was assigned to work with a group of five or six high school students to focus on a product offered by Jungle Disk. Our job as mentors was to help the students get the feel of working with groups in a basic work environment. We were tasked to help them on Mondays and Fridays during their internship, as well as to be available to them online during the week.

This shift from chatbot to mentorship was quite memorable. The experience with the Highlands kids is one that I will remember for the rest of my life. I was able to help them with presentation and research skills, as well as reassure them about their futures in senior year and college. Unfortunately, my time with Jungle Disk has to end before the end of the high schoolers’ internship. However, I will still be able to help them from home through messaging.

2018 Jungle Disk Trinity Interns

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