Jungle Disk + Triniterns: Developing and Researching Chatbots

This summer, I’ve been working on a chatbot to help enhance a customer’s experience. I’ve been able to learn about how chatbots work and how careful you have to be in piecing together a conversation that will collect information from its user.

Ultimately, the goal of this chatbot was to ask what a customer needs help with and then pass that information off to a human if the problem isn’t something that can simply be solved using the chatbot. In order to do this, it took a lot of research into what solutions currently exist and if I could use them with Google’s Dialogflow. However, this turned out to be difficult because Dialogflow has only recently become available and was still being developed on as I used it. Because of this, sometimes I had problems that took me longer to solve because it didn’t seem like anyone else had run into or fixed the problem I was having or there wasn’t enough documentation on it.

The highlights of my internship were the days where I finally found something to help set me in the right direction that helped me find a solution. Because of this, I learned how to research and how to not become frustrated if something I’m looking for doesn’t come up right away, which will be useful moving forward. In addition to learning about research, I learned about coding in JavaScript. Though I sometimes didn’t like coding in JavaScript because of features in the language, I learned a skill that I can continue to use as I move forward in my computer science career. I’m still not sure what I’d like to do with my degree yet, but I have a direction that I know I’d like to move in.

I’ve had such a great time working for Jungle Disk and I wouldn’t change a minute of my experience. I would like to thank the 80/20 Foundation for making this internship possible, Students + Startups for providing me the amazing opportunity to work with an incredible startup and Geekdom for providing the space for startups.


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