TeamPassword Reaches 1,000,000 Shared Logins!

That’s a whole lot of passwords locked in our vault! Customers are sharing more logins than ever and we’re on the fast track to 1.5 million shares! (Don’t worry, we already patted ourselves on the back.)

The average customer manages 147 logins in TeamPassword, but we also see agency teams handling both internal and client passwords who share over 2,000 logins! Companies use TeamPassword to access mission-critical logins: Those essential tools and apps that keep their business functioning at its highest potential. They’re also sharing logins that make the office run smoother, improve employee morale, and make it easier for teams to collaborate and spend time (and eat) together — proving that team password management isn’t just for the boring stuff anymore!

Utilize TeamPassword to coordinate after-hours activities, run clubs, office pools, baby and wedding gift registries, office lunches, corporate travel, news and magazine subscriptions, and other employee wellbeing and incentive programs that will keep your staff happy at work.

We’re so grateful to our clients for trusting us to protect their most vulnerable assets and proud to be a part of helping your business thrive. Cheers to all of you and to the next 1 million shares!

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