File Sharing Tips: Using Jungle Disk’s Network Drive

In the digital age, it becomes necessary to share files whether its at work or personally. Sharing could be to collaborate with your team, have individuals view your work or share contracts with your customers. Whichever category you are in or fall near, there are some things that you should consider when determining which product would work best. There are a lot of different options out there.

With Jungle Disk, you can utilize our Network Drive feature or one of the third-party productivity suite products we offer (Google G Suite Drive and Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive). I’ll walk through the options that you have with each when it comes to sharing files and some best practices in a three part series. In this first one, we will discuss the Jungle Disk Network Drive.

Jungle Disk Network Drive

With Jungle Disk you have the Network Drive where you can easily store your files and have access to them on your computer via a drive. This is very convenient and does not take up storage on your computer. Those files are also visible online through a URL in case you are not on the computer that is connected to the drive and even accessible through our app that you can download on your phone.

You can share the Online Disk with other users in your organization or for whoever you create as a user on your account as well. When that user sets up Jungle Disk on their computer, it will ask them how they want to connect the Network Drive to their computer. They will then have the access to the Online Disk you give them (Read and Write access or just Read access).

Another thing that you can do is share a file with someone outside of your organization and not have them set up with Jungle Disk. When you turn on public sharing, you are able to generate a link that you can send to an individual outside of your organization so that they can have access to that file.

Best Use Case

If you need to share files with your team and any changes that are made need to be visible to others, you would map your Network Drive for yourself and share that Online Disk with others in your organization. They would then do the same and see the files that you have in your Network Drive. When edits are made to the files these changes will then reflect on every ones drives.

Network Drive is a great way to have a centralized place to house a lot of your documents that need to be accessed by several individuals in your company without a big costs.

If someone ever left the company, you can easily revoke the access that was given to that Online Disk so that they no longer have access to the files you shared with them.

Things to be Aware of

The Network Drive feature is not accessible if you are not connected to the Internet. If changes are made while offline, temporary files may be made as a separate copy. An example would be having a document open, losing Internet connection and the making changes, then reconnecting to the Internet.

If you do the public sharing and share a file outside of your organization, those users will get a link to download the file. Any changes that external users makes would be local to them and they would need to share with you. If you want to keep those changes you would essentially just replace the old file and keep the new.

Stay Tuned for More File Sharing Tips

Network Drive is a great tool offered through Jungle Disk and greatly used by many of our customers. Although it may not be the best solution for live collaboration, it is still greatly accepted by various customers due to the fact that you can have a password protected Online Disk in addition to the username and password.

Be sure to follow this series for Part 2, Google Drive File Sharing, and Part 3, Microsoft OneDrive File Sharing.

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