Jungle Disk + Triniterns: My Favorite Moments at Jungle Disk

I can not believe that it has already been about 10 weeks! I have been able to experience a lot throughout this internship and I am so excited to share my favorite moments with you:

Accounting event: The CPA Membership Appreciation Day event that I have previously written about was one of my favorite moments because it was first time that my Jungle Disk knowledge was put to the test. While interning in the office, I have had the ability to get reassurance from the any of the wonderful people at Jungle Disk. However, this was not quite the case at the convention as many accountants came up to our booth to see what Jungle Disk was all about. Saying this, I believe that I did a decent job for my first time around. It was definitely a great learning experience and I am so happy that I got to go!

Company outing: While this was a very recent event, our company took an afternoon off and had some fun at a bowling alley over in La Cantera. It was cool to mingle and see what the Jungle Disk team was like in a non-office setting. On top of this, we were blessed with some amazing pretzels and pizzas that made this opportunity even better. This did serve as a humbling experience as I was reminded that my bowling abilities are not one of my strengths.

Pizza luncheon: I was lucky enough to plan and help the sales team host a pizza luncheon to promote the importance of cybersecurity to the local businesses and people that work in Geekdom. There was quite the turnout and I had a great time meeting the fellow people that work alongside me in Geekdom. I also do believe it was well received by our members and I think they enjoyed the good pizza.

As I am a little sad that my internship opportunity is coming to an end, I am happy to announce that I am blessed with the opportunity to continue part time with Jungle Disk as a Sales Support Representative. I am super excited to move forward, mainly because that means I can continue to check in with any and everyone who decided to read my blog! I would like to thank everyone who made these 10 weeks possible, which include, but is not limited to the Students+Startups program, Geekdom, the 80/20 Foundation, and of course, Jungle Disk for being the best internship opportunity out there!

I can’t wait to write to you guys again soon!

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