Cloud Backup: What Are You Backing Up?

A couple of weeks ago, I got a support call with a customer who was frantic to restore their data off their computer that had crashed. I was able to help them to install Jungle Disk Workgroup software on to their new machine and when we got to the “restore files” section of the software they were stumped.

“I thought I had backed up my pictures folder?”

I then asked them a question I was sure they would know, “What did you choose to backup?”

The response was one we get more than you would realize.

“I thought you guys set that up.”

Upon realizing this customer may be unaware of what they were backing up, I was able to walk them through looking at the data that as available to restore. The customer kept telling me that they were sure they had chosen their pictures folder. While I was helping them restore some folders, the customer put me on a brief hold. When they got back on the phone they let me know that their son had setup the backup and he only chose at the time what they had wanted which was their documents folder. The customer to my surprise was not upset but took the initiative to learn more about what they were backing up. By the end of the call, we had set up a new job on the new machine of the correct data set that they needed.

It may seem like it’s a “no brainer” on what needs to be backed up, but this call alone is a reminder that being more proactive with the data you are backing up will always lead to a better success rate when it comes to a disaster recovery restore. Getting familiar with our software is always a good way to learn what you need backed up. Our support site has wide variety of guides as well as troubleshooting articles. I would highly recommend visiting it if you run into any issues or want to learn more about the software. You can go to to view these guides and articles.

Again, you can always reach our support team via phones, chats or email support. We can walk customers both old and new with getting familiar with what they are backing up.

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