Cybersecurity: Teaching Kids Computer Safety

In today’s digital world, it’s important to teach kids cybersecurity fundamentals to ensure that they stay safe when playing games and doing school work using the Internet.

Here are some recommended guidelines and things for your kids to look out for around phishing scams, malicious online behavior and potential social engineering methods. Be sure to communicate the following to your kids:

  • Use strong and long passwords for their social media logins, email accounts and devices . Do NOT share your password with anyone including friends.
  • Avoid FREE stuff, games and other downloads especially on social media platforms since many contain malware or other types of viruses.
  • Keep all your personal information private such as account numbers, social security number, etc.
  • Be aware of phishing scams that send fake text, email, or pop-up messages in which criminals attempt to gain access to personal and financial information, resulting in possible identity theft, and financial losses. Also, teach your children the following best practices to mitigate these types of phishing attempts:
    • Don’t reply to emails, pop-up messages and text messages that ask for personal information and by all means, don’t click on links that are included in these messages.
    • Be cautious when opening up any attachments, including downloads that were sent by email or text. These attachments may have malware and puts you and your family at risk.

Let’s face it, we all use apps on our smart phone, mobile devices which includes GPS, news, social media, games and much more. Often, especially on social media, one can find fun games, surveys, contest and offers to participate in. Almost always the user that is wanting to participate agrees to allow access to their contacts, personal profile information and online behaviors while they are active on that specific online service or social media platform. So, the companies behind these social media platforms, games or services are able to collect the information for their business use and/or marketing purposes. Personally, I never do surveys and games on social media simply because I respect my privacy and the privacy of my contacts and I hope my contacts feel the same way.

So, before you download any apps, agree to letting an app access your contacts and information or open unknown attachments, be sure to STOP and THINK before opening or agreeing to the terms.

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