TeamPassword: Onboarding New Employees

Our password management software was designed to help you work more efficiently in all areas of your office life — and that includes cutting down on time during new employee training.

It’s intimidating to be the “new guy.” New hires are often overwhelmed during the first couple days at the job. They’re being bombarded with paperwork, office rules, and job responsibilities, all while trying to learn the names of their new coworkers. They want to make a good first impression and prove their worth during those critical first days. When they’re constantly running into “login required” roadblocks it’s difficult to get up and running without feeling like a burden to their password wielding colleagues — or compromising their “best new employee” facade by bothering the boss.

Businesses save an average of 120 minutes when onboarding new employees by using TeamPassword.

TeamPassword eliminates the need to handhold new employees. This is an area where our Groups Feature shines. With a few clicks in our shared password manager, your new talent will have access to all the tools they need to start doing their job. (and their coworkers’ smiling avatars will also help them remember names!)

  1. Add the employee name and email to your company’s TeamPassword account.
  2. Click on the groups they will need access to.

Yep, 2 steps is all it takes.

Onboarding new employees with TeamPassword

The new employee will instantly be able to see all the relevant logins they’ll need — and hopefully have some fresh ideas about useful apps or services the team can add. With TeamPassword’s quick learning curve, even the least tech-savvy hire will easily grasp the user interface.

And if hiring a new employee means eliminating another, simply remove the outbound person’s access without worry that your company’s sensitive information is at risk.

Secure password management is TeamPassword’s top priority.

Deleting a user in TeamPassword

Our onboarding process encourages employee autonomy by giving your teams the tools they need to do their best work. Engaged employees are more motivated to do their work, thereby increasing results and driving productivity.

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