Is Your Small Business at Risk of a Cyber Attack?

After reading an article in Dark Reading, I was shocked to find out that over fifty percent of small to medium sized businesses (SMB) do not think they are at risk of cyber attacks. On top of that, I found it interesting that seventy-six percent of SMBs were not using multi-factor authentication either for their accounts. While saying this, these numbers may soon change thanks to the government signing in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Small Business Cybersecurity Act. According to, this bill amends the National Institute of Standards and Technology Act to require the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to consider small businesses when it facilitates and supports the development of voluntary, consensus-based, industry-led guidelines and procedures to cost-effectively reduce cyber risks to critical infrastructure.

In light of these statistics and the recent bill being passed, I have compiled three tips that I have found most important since I have started working at Jungle Disk earlier this summer.

  1. Backup everything that might be important. While I prefer using services that utilize the cloud, having a safe and secure second copy of your data is super important in case of technical failure or cyber attacks.
  2. Do not use the same password for your accounts that require passwords. While this may have been a little harder to do back in the day, the development of password managers has made this easy as can be. This would also mean if a hacker ever breached your Facebook account, they would not be able to just as easily get into your QuickBooks Online account.
  3. Use multi-factor authentication on whatever you can. Having two lines of defense will always be stronger than one and this will deter hackers from getting into your account.

I believe these tips are fairly easy to follow and will help protect your personal or business data more than it initially would have been. Once again, keep your critical business data protected!

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