My Data is Stored in the Cloud, I Don’t Need Backup… Right?

There is a common misconception out there that if you do the majority of your daily business activities on some sort of cloud platform then you don’t need to be backing up your workstation on a regular basis. While cloud applications are becoming the normal way of doing business and we have them for things like email, file storage, customer management and document administration, it doesn’t mean you can’t still be put in the danger zone if you don’t plan ahead properly. Here are just three out of many reasons you should always back up your workstation or desktop to an off-site, encrypted backup solution.

  1. You store files in Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive: Online storage platforms are awesome. They are generally easy-to-use and are reasonably secure. They aren’t, however, completely immune to breaches. More and more instances of data compromise are happening mostly due to bad password management. Make sure you are always backing up your workstation and online drives. You don’t want to be a victim of data breach, accidental deletion, or worse, complete data loss.

  2. You use your desktop or My Documents as a file repository: Like many of us, your desktop is probably littered with folders and individual files. The reason is that most of us work at a fast pace and we are constantly creating, sending, and receiving files. Not everything makes it into the Dropbox storage and the desktop or documents area becomes a temporary dumping ground. It’s inevitable. By backing up on a regular basis, you don’t have to worry if something you have stored on your computer gets lost or misplaced.

  3. You work in sales: Sales people like me commonly use some sort of CRM to manage prospect interactions. One example would be something like Salesforce. A common response I receive is, “all of my data is logged in Salesforce, so I really don’t need backup.” Keeping your prospect data in a sales CRM is essential to proper management but I have yet to meet a seller that didn’t have files in multiple locations comprised of things like proposals, marketing collateral, and service contracts. Sellers are busy, on the go people and it makes good sense to make sure you are backing up everything you use to get your job done. Who knows, it could save you that one deal that makes your quota.

Now that you have the fundamentals you can start putting together a plan of action that will keep your data safe and secure. For help putting together a data backup plan, contact the Jungle Disk solutions team by calling (888) 601-0401 or emailing to [email protected].

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