Jungle Disk New Software Version: Google Cloud Platform Now Default Storage Provider

With the ever-evolving security landscape, it is more important than ever to stay up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity technology and best practices to keep your business safe. At Jungle Disk, we take data privacy seriously and want to ensure that our small business customers have access to top notch cybersecurity products, technology and expertise to help keep their critical data safe from both accidents and cyber attacks.

I am excited share our news around the latest version (3.30) of the Jungle Disk encrypted cloud backup and storage software which includes adding Google Cloud Platform as our default storage provider for customers. With the new version of the software, small businesses will be able to take advantage of multiple cloud platform choices, increased performance, and cross-platform HIPAA and PCI compliant collaboration with military-grade encryption to store and secure business critical data.

Google Cloud Platform Now Default Storage Provider

The addition of Google Cloud Platform in the new software version improves data recovery time for customers in the event of an accident or cyber attack. Also, those of you who choose to store data on Google Cloud Platform through the Jungle Disk software gain the advantage of geo-replicated data protection without the complexity of integrating into cloud APIs themselves. This ensures that if you experience an outage in a single data center it will not impact daily business operations of your Jungle Disk powered cloud based file server.

Encrypted Backup and Storage

For privacy, all Jungle Disk customers can encrypt their backup and storage with unique encryption keys only accessible by them. This means nobody at Jungle Disk (or our storage platform partners Google and Amazon) can access any of the data without direct customer involvement when Online Disks and Backup Vaults have encryption enabled.

Keep your small business productive and safe online with innovative technology.

With the rise in cyberattacks and the major effects that data loss has on small businesses, it is important to continue to evolve the Jungle Disk Cybersecurity Suite to allow small businesses to increase their productivity with innovative technology while remaining safe online.

The new software version is now available to all new and existing customers with an active subscription. Go to the Jungle Disk download page to update to the latest version. Please let us know your feedback!

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