SafetyNet Stores Over 1,500 Businesses’ Critical QuickBooks Online Data

According to a Microsoft SMB Study, 78 percent of small businesses will have adopted cloud computing by 2020. This stat is no surprise, as we are hearing from more and more customers that adopting cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications like QuickBooks Online (QBO) just makes more sense for small businesses looking to save time and money. They also want to ensure that their data and IT footprint are as secure as possible.

Whether you handle your own bookkeeping, use an accountant or are an accountant yourself, your biggest priority is to ensure that the financial information and data that you are storing in QBO is protected and always accessible by keeping a safe, second copy of that business critical data. Here’s where SafetyNet, backup for QuickBooks Online, comes in!

Since its inception in 2015, SafetyNet has provided essential support for more than 1,500 companies who have backed up their crucial financial data through our services. If you haven’t used the application or its been awhile since using it, you can go to the Intuit App Store to download it today!

In case you aren’t familiar, SafetyNet works with the QuickBooks Online and creates an Archive of the crucial data in your QBO Account, stored independently in the cloud. At any point in the future, you have the ability to restore your QBO to look exactly as it did when the Archive was created. You can keep as many Archives as you like, which will allow you to keep a history from any point in time.You can also back up as many companies as you have linked to your QuickBooks Online account.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear feedback from some of our small business customers using SafetyNet to backup their QBO data.

“Added SafetyNet and in less than 5 minutes my QuickBooks data was backed up. Easy!” - Stephanie H.
”I have been using SafetyNet since 2015 and have been extremely happy with how easy it is to use and navigate. I like the fact that it is integrated with QBO so I can use the same sign in details when saving my data.” - Candy V.

We are continuing to evolve the SafetyNet application and we would love to hear your feedback and ways we can improve the product to meet your business’s  needs. You can send us an email or leave a review through our profile in the Intuit App Store. As more and more business-critical applications move from local computers and servers to the cloud, your business’s data security and backup needs move with you!

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