Microsoft Windows 10 Glitch: Keeping Multiple Copies of Your Data

Microsoft recently announced that an update to Windows 10 is causing data loss for some users. When the update is executed some users are reporting that their Documents and/or Pictures folder is being deleted. Microsoft has stopped the roll out of the latest update, but for those that have an update pending installation, do not proceed until this has been corrected. This exact situation is why having multiple copies of your data is crucial. While Microsoft is a well known and well trusted brand, even they aren’t infallible.

It’s generally recommended that you at least keep two copies of your data; your local copy (such as your files in your Documents folder) and a copy located elsewhere off of your local system. The secondary location can be the cloud, flash drive, or other media.

I personally keep three copies of my data. The first is stored on my hard drive, which I frequently access. The second is in the cloud where I can access files as I need, but not as frequently as I access my local files. The third copy I keep in cold storage, which is a location that I will only access in the event my files aren’t available in either of the other two.

Redundancy is the best policy. The more copies you keep, the more you can end up spending in storage space and maintenance. However, having your data protected and available to you is a priceless investment.

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