National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Online Safety Tips

This is the 15th year commemorating National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), which is a collaboration between government and private industry to raise awareness and provide resources to help all of us be more secure online as a result of cyber-threats that we all face – be it at business or personal level.

The general mission of NCSAM is to educate and remind us all that cybersecurity and online safety is a shared responsibility. We all need to do our part to be knowledgeable and diligent when it comes to staying safe online.

As a result of NCSAM, the National Cyber Security Alliance led efforts to kick off an awareness campaign called STOP, THINK, CONNECT™, which focuses on educating the general public on how to be more safe and secure online.

Here are 5 key tips for online safety from STOP, THINK, CONNECT:

  • Share with care: Don’t share too much personal information online and know your privacy settings. When in doubt, throw it out: Don’t click everything, including emails or links on social media, since they may contain malware or can be a phishing attempt to compromise your computer.
  • Enable stronger authentication: Be sure to enable stronger authentication such as multi-factor authentication that will send a one-time text code to a mobile device which will help authenticate user is authorized to access.
  • Make your passwords long and strong: Use 12 characters or more and be sure to include combinations of numbers, symbols, capital letters and lower-case letters. Also, use a password manager to help manage and secure your logins. Remember, don’t share your password with anyone.
  • Keep a clean machine: Keeping your software updated may seem tedious at times, but downloading the latest software updates will ensure that you have the latest security patches in place.

Keep in mind, your personal and business data isn’t really completely safe and secure unless it’s backed up remotely giving you a second copy of your data in case of hardware failure, theft or even cyber attacks. Reach out to us if we can help make sure you have that safe, second copy of your critical data!

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