Jungle Disk Backup: Initial Setup Importance

When you sign up for Jungle Disk Encrypted Backup, the first setup is a very crucial part to ensure your software configurations are correct to optimize your experience and functionality. When you are starting as a new Jungle Disk customer, the setup is fairly simple as you are prompted to make selections before proceeding to the next step.  You will go through the basic steps of setting up your local Backup Vault and/or your Network Drive according to the directions provided. The difference between these two features can be found in our support article. After this first setup is completed, should you just “set it and forget?”  Of course not.  As with all managed software, it is crucial to keep up with your backups and maintenance of the Network Drive. When customers go through setting up their Jungle Disk software for the first time, they often believe that this is a one-time occurrence.  While this may be true for some customers, certain circumstances may arise and other factors come up requiring an additional setup.

Going through the Initial Setup Process (Again)

There are instances when you must go through the initial setup once again. There can be many reasons why this occurs, for example, computer maintenance updates uninstall the software or remove a configuration file.  A couple essential questions customers should ask themselves:  Were you previously using the Backup Vault on the computer you are setting up once again? Are you using the cloud storage Network Drive?  This will help determine if you need to take over the previous Backup Vault, which means you will not upload all of your data once again, eliminating extra storage costs. If you previously used the Network Drive you would need to map the drive to your computer to access your folders and files.

When customers find themselves going through the setup process again, it is easy to skip over these questions and speed through the first time setup; however, we do not recommend avoiding these steps.  It is better to ask these questions to assure you are properly setting it up again and retaining your important information on the Backup Vault and/or Network Drive.  This will help avoid major headaches down the road. Remember, the Jungle Disk support team is always here to help so please reach out if we can help walk you through the setup process!

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