Data 360 and Jungle Disk Webinar: Transition to the Cloud

Here at Jungle Disk, we focus on helping small to medium businesses. One of the ways we get out and about to meet small businesses and customers is at events like the Small Business Expo. If you are not familiar with this conference, it is a free event that happens all year long in select cities! We love that this is something that is free to the public so that small businesses have a chance to get in touch with various vendors from all over the U.S. that can help them get started.

We have attended multiple of these throughout the year, the latest was held in Los Angeles, California. We spoke with so many people and even hosted a workshop that focused on the basics of cloud computing and how businesses can make the transition to the cloud. The purpose is to help educate business owners that have very little to no knowledge on what the cloud even is! We got the idea from speaking with several business owners that were very hesitant to even ask us that question. It made us realize that we focus on helping businesses with a cybersecurity suite of services but some needed to even know what they have to have before that.

We ended up working with a company, Data 360, that we met at the Small Business Expo in LA to help reach even more individuals and held the same workshop but as a webinar using Google Meet. Data 360 was generous in hosting us and allowing us to reach several of their customers that may not have had the privilege of attending something like the Small Business Expo but need to know what the cloud is and how they can better protect their data.

You can find out more on Data 360 here and/or watch the webinar replay below!

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