Motivating Students to Greatness

Here at Jungle Disk, giving back to the community and helping further the education of students is important to us. A couple of weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to volunteer at a high school IT job shadowing event, which was hosted by SA Works and Jungle Disk at the Geekdom event center. During the Shadow Day, students were able to learn about some of the Jungle Disk team members job roles and also talk to our CEO, Bret, to learn more about the tech industry and how he got to where he is at today.

Along with this, the students were also able to come up with cybersecurity ideas for protecting self driving cars. It was amazing to see how these kids were able to come up with such great ideas with just the 15 minutes they got to huddle with their groups. The work that Jungle Disk is doing in order to encourage students to reach their potential and strive for greatness is something that makes me proud to say that I am part of this team!

Geekdom CEO, David Garcia Jr., speaking to the Highlands and Southwest high school students.

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