Meet Hunter: TeamPassword's New Software Developer

Hello y'all, my name is Hunter Houts and I just started working at Jungle Disk as a software developer for the TeamPassword Product. Jungle Disk has everything I was looking for in a workplace and more. I'm elated to be a part of the team. Although, the story of how I ended up in San Antonio and fulfilled my dream of being a software developer is still yet to be told so, let me begin!

On December 31st, 2016, I made a New Year's resolution to learn how to program and develop software. I hit the ground running and found an abundance of online resources, starting with the CS50 lectures taught by David J. Malan posted on YouTube. I watched and followed along with all the lectures and afterward I dove into “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python,” a book written by Al Sweigart. I read and completed the exercises in the book. In between the exercises, I applied the concepts to different things I wanted to make. These small projects were then bug tested by my now wife (bless her patience) and as she would break them, I'd fix them.  I continued my learning with a website called and learned a bit about Django.  I was able to make a basic website and deploy it to a local server. I found this entire process extremely rewarding.

Moving forward, I landed a job teaching middle-schoolers computer science and programming. It was great being able to share something that I enjoy so much with others, but I wasn't done. I still had the goal of becoming a software developer in my sight and wasn't giving that up. In 2017, my wife's grandparents gave us an opportunity to move from my home state of Michigan to the great state of Texas. We decided this would be a great idea, not just to escape the snow, but also open up way more opportunities to us than the town of 30,000 where we resided. We lived in a suburb of Kalamazoo, Michigan (it sounds made up, but it's a real place). I moved there from an even smaller town called Vicksburg, Michigan (around 3,000 people) and my wife from Xenia, Ohio (about 30,000). The idea of living in a city was both exhilarating and frightening, but once we visited we fell in love with San Antonio and all it has to offer.

While visiting, my grandfather-in-law took me over to his work at DPS to meet some of the programmers. I met a programmer named Sam Miller and while talking with him, he suggested I attend Codeup. I looked into it and decided that it was exactly what I wanted to do and I was going to go for it. I applied and got accepted. Going through Codeup was a wonderful and life-changing experience. It took a lot of work but was worth it. Stephen Salas at Codeup connected me with Brian and Jungle Disk. After meeting with many of my now co-workers at Jungle Disk, I knew it was exactly the right company for me.

Security in today's online world is extremely important and something I care about a lot. Jungle Disk, being a cybersecurity suite, spoke to me in that way. I'm overjoyed to be a part of such a great product and team!

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