Redesigned Jungle Disk Knowledge Base

We are proud to unveil our newly designed Jungle Disk support site and knowledge base! If you are a customer, you have likely noticed that has recently received quite the facelift. Hopefully the reorganization and addition of lots of helpful information give Jungle Disk users a much better experience. Check it out!

For reference, here is a screenshot of our old site:

The Old Jungle Disk Knowledge Base Site

And here is a shot of the new site:

The New Jungle Disk Knowledge Base Site

What do you think? Not only has the entire site been completely revamped from a design and user interface standpoint, we have also added categories for more of our products along with guides that will help you get started and troubleshoot them.

The home page of the site highlights the top articles of each product’s knowledge base, ordered by popularity, but now all of our articles are also organized in directories with subcategories for easier navigation.

Even though the design has changed, we still have lots of plans to continue to improve the site. If you have feedback on ways we can improve it or requests for guides that you would like to see, please let us  know!

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