Jungle Disk Blog Newsletter, November

Happy Holidays from the Jungle Disk team! You are likely deep into closing out the year at your business, while also trying to snag some online holiday shopping deals for gifts or even yourself! Well, no matter if you are at the office, working from a coffee shop or at home, be sure to be on high alert for any cyber thieves trying to snag your critical data when surfing the Internet or responding to emails. Stay up-to-speed on security best practices for surfing the Web this holiday season, how to best manage your logins and passwords, and what to do if your email is compromised.

As you and your business get ready to kick-off the New Year with a bang, check out our list of predictions for the top 5 apps/tools to watch in 2019. We’ve analyzed data from TeamPassword users and highlighted a few up and coming apps. If you’re not familiar with the apps on the list, now is the time to prepare yourself and your business for the New Year!

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The Jungle Disk Team

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