Ensuring Jungle Disk Customer Success

This week, I got a call around 30 minutes before I was supposed to take off for the day. This call was in reference to a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey that we send out to customers. The customer was in need of assistance and was honestly confused about how to use our backup software.

After spending about a hour and a half with the customer troubleshooting their issues, the issue was eventually resolved. I stayed at work later than I normally do, but we had resolved the issue. I could go into detail about everything I did for this customer, but it really doesn’t matter. What matters is the customer was taken care of and we got them educated on how they should be using the Jungle Disk backup software correctly, which they really had not been properly using the software for the seven years they had been our customer.

This customer was very grateful that I helped them out and even helped assist their co-worker who was not even in the office set up the backup software. It was a long process but step-by-step we got it done. You see, when customers aren’t familiar with a product and have been using it wrong, we normally have to treat these customers as new customers. We educate them and get them on the right path to successfully using our products. At Jungle Disk, we do not have a standard script that we are supposed to follow or some goal we are supposed to meet a far as how long we are supposed to be on a call. We just have to make sure the customer is satisfied and that they get their software working correctly.

In the new year, I'm hoping to have more opportunities to assist with customers like this!

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