Network Threat Protection Optimization

At Jungle Disk, we provide multiple products alongside its backup solutions. One major product we offer is our network threat protection service using a SDWAN (Software Defined WAN) technology called OmniWan.  The support team would like to review an important function of the OmniWan device that customers should be aware of for setting up and installing the device into your infrastructure.

After installing the network protection device into your network, you may notice that you are not achieving the speeds you would normally obtain from your Internet service provider. This may be due to the default pre-set on the OmniWan device, which is configured for 100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds.
Whether your speeds are higher or lower, we highly recommend running an optimization on your device. This is the process that will analyze traffic for a short period of time and ensure that the tunnel is optimized and tuned correctly to handle that specific traffic.

To complete the device optimization, we recommend customers schedule a 30-minute window for optimization process as their network will be temporarily unavailable during this time. Before cutting your network over, we suggest plugging the device into an Internet-enabled upstream network running a DHCP server. You can then visit the OmniNet website to confirm your device is online. You’ll want to be sure and verify that your LAN IP does not match the IP for the upstream networks gateway. Once the connection is online, click on the OMNIWAN tab and then click on the Optimize button. This will begin the process. Once it is complete, you can then view the Optimized Bandwidth recommended speeds underneath the WAN 1 Section of the webpage.

This is a simple process to help get you set up correctly and maximize your devices’ bandwidth for better performance. Of course if you have any questions, please reach out to the support team at [email protected].

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