From Budapest and Back

Long time, no see, my loyal Jungle Disk fans! Your favorite Marketing and Communications Coordinator is back (consolations to those who thought they’d seen the last of me at the end of last summer)! I spent the past four months traveling to places I’d merely dreamed of visiting before making the decision to spend one of my last semesters of college abroad. I hopped around to Sweden, Scotland, Italy, France, Ireland, Romania and Croatia, all while being based in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary, where I took classes about Central Eastern European cultures and history.

The travel pace and frequency was new to me, and I had a lot of worries at the beginning anticipating all of the potential roadblocks — airport security, taxis, carry-on luggage weight limits, to name a few. I was also worried about traveling with my laptop, but I had to do it to stay caught up with my classwork; I found these tips to be helpful. It also helps to not leave your chargers on airplanes! I didn’t need to worry, save for the one time that I did leave my passport and had to have the taxi take me all the way back to my hostel and straight back to the airport (I did not miss my flight, for those wondering).

Surprisingly, although I had a great time, it was not the life-changing experience that everyone and their mother promised me it would be. It’s such a relief to be back in the heart of grand ol’ lone star state — binging on Mexican food and strolling around H-E-B feel like such luxuries now.

The biggest luxury that I missed was the feeling of community that I have at home in San Antonio. My school, Trinity University, has been such a great place to learn and grow – this semester I'm excited to be taking two art classes and an internship class at KRTU, the school's own jazz and indie radio station. Trinity brought me to become an intern at Jungle Disk this past summer through a program called Students + Startups. I’m now a part-time employee here and feel equally as at home here as I do at Trinity, thanks to my supportive coworkers.

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