Keep Up with Software Updates

According to research done by Avast, it seems like over half of the software running on PCs across the globe are actually out-of-date versions of that software. Beyond just basic software, it looks like there are quite a lot of computers that are running older operating systems as well. This is concerning because a big reason for updates to computers and operating systems is to patch security concerns that can put you at risk. A few of the softwares that are often seen out-of-date are Adobe Shockwave, VLC Media Player, Skype, Java Runtime Environment and 7-Zip File Manager.

While the whole point of a software update is not explicitly due to cybersecurity, non-updated programs commonly have holes in the program that hackers know how to abuse. For example, 7-Zip has updated their program in the past to patch a hole that gave remote hackers the ability to hack in and deny service. While 7-Zip has technically done their part and created an update that would patch this issue, many of users did not take the time to update. Saying this, even today, many 7-Zip users are left at risk when they do not need to be. Like mentioning before, there are still many operating systems that are still left unprotected. Similar to software, operating systems that are left out of date have many vulnerabilities that could and should be easily avoided.

I have a task for you to complete within the next few days: Whenever you have a couple minutes of free time, go look at your devices and make sure that both the operating systems and the software you run on them are updated. Getting hacked for not being up-to-date would be a harsh punishment for not implementing a simple update. Based on this, it is both easier and less expensive to be proactive rather than reactive.

As always, have a great day and stay protected!

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