A Quick Recap of San Antonio's 2018 Impact Report

San Antonio's Lofty Goals for 2020

Jungle Disk was proud to support the SA2020 luncheon this past Tuesday where the results of the SA2020 2018 Impact Report were announced. This report is really a progress report of 11 areas for San Antonio’s community goals to be achieved by 2020. The luncheon got together an impressive group of individuals who made commitments for their community for the year of 2019, and we couldn’t be more proud of their determination to push San Antonio toward greatness. Though Jungle Disk encourages progress in all 11 areas, three of the areas really spoke to our business’ unique mission: downtown development, economic competitiveness and education.

Downtown Development & Economic Competitiveness

In this area, what we are happy to see is that companies are choosing to locate and conduct business in the downtown space, which is flourishing beyond just tourism. The tech and startup boom that we have seen recently is an encouraging sign that this progress is here to stay and make a positive impact on the city’s economy.


Another category in which success indicates a lasting impact! As a cybersecurity business in an increasingly important technology sector, we are grateful for the increasing attention being paid towards training and certifying young students and emerging professionals. We’ve supported many internship and educational programs. On Cyber Talk Radio, Jungle Disk CEO Bret Piatt has discussed the plans and implementation of many public programs and schools that are attempting to crush barriers towards access to education in STEM, especially technology, fields. We are proud of the city that wants to encourage homegrown, sustainable talent for a more promising future.

We love that this city is full of individuals and organizations that are willing to make change happen. To hear more about the details of San Antonio’s progress, Texas Public Radio has started a new six-part series that dives a bit deeper into the results of the report, which you can listen to here.

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