Optimize that Backup Vault!

If you’ve had Jungle Disk Backup Vaults running for quite a long time, and you aren’t quite getting the best performance out of them anymore, there is a little-known feature in the Jungle Disk Workgroup and Jungle Disk Server software agents that could help! The Backup Vault optimization process is here to help you. This is especially helpful for Backup Vaults that have run for several years, have long periods of retention, are larger than they should be, or you are experiencing bad performance or very long backup times.

The Backup Vault Optimization process does a lot of heavy lifting. While not getting too deep into the weeds here, the optimization process does a lot of cleaning of your Backup Vault and backup database. Along with a Backup Vault cleanup, the optimization can reduce backup and restore times, improve performance significantly and can ensure that you can have good, reliable backups for years moving forward.

To run a Backup Vault optimization, pop open your Jungle Disk Activity Monitor, click the Online Disk dropdown menu for the vault you want to optimize, and you will see the options for “Backup Vault Cleanup” and “Backup Vault Optimization.” I recommend starting with the cleanup first, and once that is complete, running the optimization.

Now, this may take an extended amount of time, so this might be something that you want to do at the end of the workday so it can run for a few hours on the machine when you are not working on it. That being said, once it’s done you should experience quicker backup and restore times, and your Online Disk will feel all shiny and new!

Keep in mind that we do recommend keeping each Online Disk to around 500gb/100k files for best performance. Now, you can have as many Backup Vaults on as many disks as you like, so this really shouldn’t create any limits to how much data you can back up through Jungle Disk!

Remember that the support team is always here to help if you require any further assistance when trying to get the best experience with Jungle Disk.

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