Cyber Talk Radio: Building a Collaborative Coworking Space

Bret Piatt, CTR Host, and David Garcia, CEO of Geekdom - Episode 128 of Cyber Talk Radio

This past Saturday, March 9, episode 128 of Cyber Talk Radio hit the air on 1200 WOAI and iHeartRadio streaming. I was joined by David Garcia, CEO of Geekdom to discuss building a collaborative coworking space in downtown San Antonio and the programs that they offer to members.

To start off the episode, I ask David how he landed his gig at Geekdom. He recounts the story of keeping in touch with old coworkers from when he worked at Gateway Computers, and it was while he was working for Apple that one of those people, Lorenzo Gomez, reached out to bring him on at Geekdom. What is coworking for those that aren’t familiar? David likes to relate it to a gym membership — where you can come together and hang out with like-minded people in the same space. They’re great places to learn, form teams and get stuff done! At Geekdom, the community and support is what makes it a unique coworking space. Geekdom was started in 2011 by Graham Weston and Nick Longo, and it was the first coworking space in San Antonio. Geekdom’s original mission was to create companies and jobs in San Antonio, where there seemed to be no thriving tech or startup scene. Geekdom initially began as a tech-focused coworking space, but has expanded into covering entrepreneurship in other industries as well. Geekdom’s recently-published 2018 Impact Report shows recent growth and highlights some interesting entrepreneurship success stories. We discuss Startup Weekend in addition to MellowBe’s fascinating story of building the ideal meditation cushion. Currently, Geekdom boasts 700+ community companies and 1800+ members. Before the break, we talk about the expanding tech heat map of downtown San Antonio and some of the key startup and educational programs like CivTechSA. David also teases us with some exciting, soon-to-be-revealed projects!

After the break, we talk about how we can hardly believe that Geekdom just celebrated seven years! If you want to check out things happening there, the Geekdom calendar on their website will show the latest and greatest events. If you aren't yet a member, we encourage you to come down to see what the coworking space is all about. If you are interested in becoming a member, Cyber Talk Radio will help sponsor half of the cost of a military member’s, veteran’s or military spouse’s Geekdom membership for up to 10 listeners (Just let Geekdom know when you sign up, and we’ll make sure you’re covered!). We then talk about the Geekdom Community Fund, open to any eligible Geekdom member each quarter, which is moving from a $10,000 investment to a $25,000 investment. Members can apply here. We also go over some other Geekdom programs like workshops and fireside chats. I ask David to explain Geekdom Media and how it’s connected to all of this. It’s about creating helpful and educational content and podcasts like The Brand Brothers, Obey Your Strengths and Miss Education. We round out our episode with some more Startup Weekend and Geekdom Community Fund success stories!

Listen to the full episode replay to learn more about coworking at Geekdom.

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