Jungle Disk Backup: Restoring Data from the Network Drive

A very common interaction with customers we’ll experience on the Jungle Disk support team is assisting a customer with restoring data from the Network Drive that was deleted by mistake. Another common interaction is retrieving a previous version of a file that exists currently on the drive. Using the Jungle Disk software, you can restore this data as needed.

In the next window, you’ll want to choose the “Restore To” path towards the upper right corner of the restore window. You can manually type in the path or click “Browse” to navigate to a particular location. I’d recommend restoring to your desktop:

Once the file restores to your desktop (or the location of choice), open the file to confirm it is the desired file and then place back onto the Network Drive. If you’d like more personalized assistance with your backups or restoring files, please feel free to reach out to the Jungle Disk support team.

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