Jungle Spotlight: How Metal Band Heliosaga Tunes Into Their Data

At the time that Jordan Ames joined the band Heliosaga in its beginning stages back in 2010, he was working for the company that owned Jungle Disk at the time, Rackspace. Answering each other's online listings for bandmates, Heliosaga started jamming in a 10'-x-10' storage unit. Soon, Jordan thought to use Jungle Disk to back up their music writing program and to share it with each other. “We have hundreds of files from completed songs to starting ideas and riffs in addition to expense ledgers, photos and other historical documentation.  We can't always get together as much as we would like so we used the Network Drive function to work on our individual parts at our leisure.”

Creating and working on music means constantly editing and tweaking things. Heliosaga runs a tight ship because they can use Jungle Disk’s products to access the most up-to-date versions of a given song. “Each member has the Workgroup Monitor installed and has access to the Network Drive. On any given day, a member will access it to compose their parts or to rehearse on their own time.”

Most importantly, Jordan trusts that Jungle Disk’s backups will always be waiting for him. When his computer died unexpectedly, he was able to access the information right away. All of that hard work would’ve been unrecoverable if he hadn’t installed the Jungle Disk backup software. “Creativity strikes when it does, if it's not captured, it may be lost forever.”

We can’t wait to hear what Heliosaga is up to next!

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