How To Perform a Full Data Backup on Jungle Disk

If you are running a database on premises or in the cloud, you know how important it is to keep a good second copy of your most critical data offsite from your primary location in case of a disaster. With all the recent news of cyberattacks and sabotage, your data is at more risk than ever. Attackers use tactics to encrypt your data that could cause your business to fail. Keeping several copies of your most critical data is key to surviving the next attack or failure. Almost all of the popular database engines available support backups. In this tip, I will show you the command you can run to perform a full backup to your disk so that the Jungle Disk client can back up the flat file.

Let’s first talk about why you can’t backup the physical database file. The reason why you can’t backup a physical file is due to the fact that all of the database engines exclusively lock the file for reading and writing. Most backup software clients request read access, but since the file is exclusively locked the read request is denied by the operating system. For Microsoft SQL Server, you can run the following command to perform a full backup of the database. You can execute this command using sqlcmd or adding this as a job in SQL server agent.

Backup Database Databasename

To Disk ‘C:\databasebackupfoldername\databasename.bak’

With Compression;

Before you run a full backup, you need to make certain you have enough disk space to be able to create the .bak file. It is also advisable to write the file to a disk other than the drive that has your operating system on it. It is also recommended to use the compression option with the backup command so that it will compress the size of the .bak file considerably. Most common data in databases are text based and typically compress by 75 percent or more.

In summary, it is vital that you keep multiple copies of your critical data at different sites to ensure that it is not impacted by an accident or cyberattack.

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