The Dark World of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is everywhere. In fact, there's a good chance that whoever is reading this has gotten their information compromised online at some point. An article from ZDNet focuses on a recent survey conducted by ERP Maestro, a provider of automated and cloud-based controls for access, security and GRC (governance, risk and compliance). Looking to uncover how people felt about cybersecurity in general, ERP Maestro surveyed 2,000 individuals ranging from ages 18 to 82. The results they found were quite interesting.

To begin, it stated that a majority of people, 76 percent, thought that it is certain that they will become victim of a cybercrime at some point, if not already. Saying this, nearly half of the survey respondents were not concerned about being targeted for a cybercrime. Since there is an overlap in these two numbers, we can assume that many people are okay with being victims of malicious attacks and do not see the risk associated. This is not good, especially when the most frequent form of these attacks are identity theft.

Your identity, or at least things that make up your online and mobile identity, is a very sensitive part of your life that can be very costly if exploited by hackers. With so much of your personal and financial information online nowadays, being unaware and unprotected is a very easy way to get yourself in trouble.

I adhere to these following simple steps to cut my chances of being affected by cybercrime, and you can too:

  1. Cybersecurity Awareness: Active awareness and constant cyber education can keep you safe from many attacks. By reading cyber news, listening to podcasts and studying cybersecurity, you will be aware of the general risks that are dominant at any time.
  2. Cybersecurity Plan: Have a proactive cyber plan set in place. In most situations in life, it is multiple times more costly to react to something. Things like network protection and data backups ensure your safety!
  3. Think Before You Click: Be careful where you click. If it seems sketchy, it probably is. Facebook is not just giving away iPhones and a random email will not just give you thousands of dollars from a distantly related prince.

I hope you consider these tips helpful, and as always, stay protected because it’s a wild Jungle out there!

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