Jungle Spotlight: Secure Backups Support a Family-Focused Mission at Adopted.com

Katharine Wall founded Adopted.com when trying to help a friend find their biological family. “Due to his circumstances, he wasn't allowed access to the adoption records. This meant a dead end for him.” Katharine had hopes of creating the world’s central adoption reunion registry, where mutually consenting parties can sign up to find a match for their birth parents or children, regardless of red tape. Fast forward a few years, and the website is now the largest registry in the world for adoption reunions!

While Katharine dedicates herself to her mission of reuniting families, she uses Jungle Disk’s products to make sure her work is protected and remote backups are taken care of: “Our company requires a remote disk system that functions just like the c-drive on a computer, yet is remote and secure.” When her team wants to access data from the drive, Katharine notes that “Jungle Disk is the only product I have found that does this seamlessly, allowing our entire team to access our files to work on them as though they were directly on their local device.”

Specifically, her team uses it to share design files. “Everyone from the developers to the designers can view, update and work with the files in real time.” This is a great way to take advantage of the file sharing features of Jungle Disk Backup.

Speaking to the Jungle Disk support team’s expertise and the product’s usability, Katharine highlights that, “in seven years, I believe I have required support less than five times, and have always received a solution from a highly knowledgeable team member the same day.” Not having to worry about managing and maintaining their cloud backup solution allows Katharine and the Adopted.com team to always have access to their business-critical information and focus on their mission of reuniting families in a matter of minutes.

At Jungle Disk, what really stands out to us is being able to help such a diverse range of small businesses — from healthcare to metal bands and adoption reunion registries and everything in between!

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