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Bret Piatt, CTR Host, Amanda Keammerer from CyberSecurity San Antonio - Episode 136 of Cyber Talk Radio

This past Saturday, May 4, episode 136 of Cyber Talk Radio hit the air on 1200 WOAI and iHeartRadio streaming. I was joined by Amanda Keammerer, acting vice president for cybersecurity and director at CyberSecurity San Antonio, to discuss key focus areas and initiatives for growing the local cybersecurity community in San Antonio.

San Antonio is home to the second-largest concentration of cybersecurity professionals in the United States, behind the Washington, D.C. area. This is a huge accomplishment! This is why Cybersecurity San Antonio was started within the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce four years ago by Will Garrett, who now works over at Port San Antonio. Amanda joined in 2017 to help the group’s mission of convening, connecting and branding, which means capitalizing on San Antonio's current accomplishments and supporting the cybersecurity industry's future developments. They have five core focus areas: global engagement, military and government affairs, innovation and economic development, talent and workforce development, and lastly, sustainability. Where can people learn more about CyberSecurity San Antonio? Head on over to or go to the monthly meetings. Shout out to the CyberPatriot teams from San Antonio that participated in the national competition! Amanda recounts her memories working as a coach and mentor for kids competing in this cybersecurity team sport. San Antonio has a great community engagement level, and she loves to see that happen with CyberSecurity San Antonio and in the industry. We discuss the increasing level of diversity and talent in the cyber industry in San Antonio! Before the break, Amanda gives a call to action to encourage teaching students about cyber and tech in a supportive and exciting environment.

After the break, we talked about Cyber Signing Day, which was an exciting opportunity for CyberSecurity San Antonio, which celebrated K-12 students accomplishing things in cybersecurity and pursuing higher education in the field. They even got the Spurs Coyote and hype team involved! I was even the MC for the event! Programs like Hallmark University’s athletic cybersecurity scholarship are the types of initiatives we’d like to see expand in this industry. Before we end the episode, we discuss the recent SA2DC trip, which is a great way to exhibit our city’s recent efforts at a national interest level by bringing people from many focus levels to promote important legislation and meet with relevant politicians that support out interests.

Listen to the full episode replay to learn more about CyberSecurity San Antonio’s recent efforts around they city.

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