Jungle Spotlight: How Marketing Agency Mason Interactive Stays in Sync

CEO Brook Shepard’s digital marketing agency, Mason Interactive, handles a range of different workloads on a day-to-day basis.

The agency uses best-in-class search engine marketing, search engine optimization, email and social media tactics to help their clients dominate the competition. With multiple clients and several ongoing projects, it’s important that the agency’s team members can access the most recent versions of all of their essential files, which are backed up on each of their computers. Jungle Disk eliminates the stress of having more than one version of the same file floating around.

Collaborating is easy for the Mason Interactive team when they use Jungle Disk to share the same file. photo provided by Mason Interactive

“We used to have a pain point around multiple versions of files: Person A edited a doc, saved it to their desktop, and then Person B made another edit, and then person C would edit Person A's file, but miss Person C's edits... it was a mess. Jungle Disk eliminated this: Now, there's just one file,” Brook says.

Another reason that Mason Interactive team members use our product is to reference older work: “It creates a kind of institutional knowledge. New employees can look back seven years to see what we presented to a client back then, and it gives them an instant perspective.”

Most importantly, we know that our product’s dependability is a key part of keeping our clients’ businesses functioning at their best. Brook emphasizes that he chooses to use Jungle Disk because it doesn’t ever break!

It’s great to know that we help so many teams get their work done more efficiently and more securely!

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