Students + Startups in the Jungle: Meet Jordan

As I reached the end of my junior year at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), I knew that getting an internship for the summer would be a make it or break it moment. I happened to stumble across a program called Students + Startups. It was worth a shot signing up, how could I pass up possibly interviewing with a mass of startups based in my hometown? After being impressed by the color of my resume (an ivory off-white), I was invited into the Jungle Disk office to partake in an interview. After a month of anxious nights and anticipation, the Students + Startups program posted their results of who each company would be taking on for the summer. I scrolled and scrolled hoping to see my name next to any company. Page 1, no luck. Page 2, nothing. Page 3, the very first company posted, Jungle Disk, and right next to it was my name. When I saw my name next to the list of Jungle Disk interns I was ecstatic, while also feeling a sense of relief. It was like my heart flipped a switch that went from racing with anxious uncertainty to racing with excitement and joy in an instant, I was probably legally dead for fraction of a second.

I am studying computer science and minoring in the UTSA business school’s cybersecurity program. I am an avid PC Gamer, my favorite game to play is Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive. I also always carry my Nintendo Switch in my backpack on the daily. In my spare time, I enjoy learning how to play different instruments, so far I have learned how to play the guitar, bass, ukulele and banjo thanks to professor, YouTube. The guitar is my favorite of these to play and was the first instrument that I started learning back in the seventh grade. As of recently, I have purchased a 3D printer for my own personal enjoyment so I have learned quite a bit about 3D modeling and all of the maintenance and tweaks I have had to make to my printer in order to get some successful prints. I mostly print player characters and monsters for my Dungeons and Dragons group that meets on the weekends.

Here at Jungle Disk for the summer, I am working on setting up an internal knowledge base that will help everyone in the company keep up with any documentation that they may need to access. Think about it almost like internal tech support. I will also be writing all of the documentation for the processes and the infrastructure used. I will also gain hands-on experience working with Ansible; the automation software that is used to test the internal software here at Jungle Disk.

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