Students + Startups in the Jungle: Meet Matt

Howdy! My name is Matt Lohstroh and I am a finance major attending Texas A&M University (Whoop!). In my free time, I read up on Bitcoin and all that applies to it like Austrian Economics, game theory, computing, finance, fiscal policy, and so much more. I co-host the Bitcoin Meetup back in my college town at A&M and I’m also in the process of creating the A&M Bitcoin club. My passion for the past five years or so has been to travel the world. I have visited 22 countries (23 if you count Texas) like Peru, Brazil, Jamaica, Iceland, Hungary and Norway, to name a few of the exotic ones. I am also heavily involved in entrepreneurship both at my university and personally. Startup Aggieland and the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship are the flagship entrepreneurial programs and organizations at the university and also why I decided to attend A&M.

I’m extremely excited to work at Jungle Disk in San Antonio as I feel it is at the intersection of all my interests: tech, global and startups. I owned a landscaping business for four years in high school, and like the angle Jungle Disk takes on providing services to small businesses. I am particularly excited to report to Bret Piatt, Jungle Disk CEO, for my finance work and learn the business from an executive standpoint. This summer, I am planning on creating a market analysis of product pricing within the company while also analyzing the employee benefits against other job markets around the U.S.

I’m excited to share how my internship ends up at the end of this summer!

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