Student + Startups in the Jungle: Meet Quinn

As the end of my junior year at Trinity University rapidly approached, I found myself scrambling to find something to do over the summer. On a whim, I applied to the Students + Startups program after hearing good things from some friends who had experienced it in prior years. After a few weeks, I was paired with Jungle Disk which I quickly discovered is a data security company, not a rugged frisbee manufacturer. While I could have headed home to the pleasant, mild summer of the Pacific Northwest, I chose to sweat it out down South and pursue this opportunity.

I will be working with the customer support team at Jungle Disk. This section of the company is essential in its operations, ensuring that the people who use their product are satisfied. The core objective of my internship here is to build a reporting tool that will help the team better understand and respond to the needs of their customers. In order to do this, I will first analyze the existing solution, examining its strengths and weaknesses. Once I fully understand what is already in place, I will move on to researching possible improvements. I look forward to applying some of the data visualization skills I learned in my graphics class this past semester to a real-world application. Hopefully, I can combine this knowledge and additional research to determine the best way to showcase the data. I will also be working with the customer support team to determine the best way to present information that fits their needs. By the end of my 10 weeks here, I would like to have a working final product that I can be proud of.

In my spare time this summer I’d like to go to as many concerts as possible and work on a couple of other important skills. I believe everyone should work as hard as they can to be the best version of themselves, which is why I’ll be focusing on improving my ping pong game and guitar playing.

At Jungle Disk, I will also be able to hone my teamwork and time management skills. By being the leader of this data visualization project, I will have to determine the best way to break up a large project into bite-sized pieces. Although when I first learned this it seemed overwhelming, the team here is incredibly friendly and helpful. With the positive atmosphere around the office and the dungeon-like lighting, I feel prepared and excited to move forward with this internship.

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