Jungle Spotlight: The Incalculable Benefit of Backups for Bull & Bear Technology

Since 2013, Jungle Disk customer Agustín García, of Mexico-based Bull & Bear Technology, has been an avid user and referrer of Jungle Disk’s services. As someone who supports financial companies with IT-related issues, they’re always on the hunt to make their clients’ work safer, easier and more user friendly. Currently, Garcia uses Jungle Disk’s server backup and workgroup products. These allow for a total backup of their data and the synchronization of company files. With any business, technological issues are inevitable. Garcia loves how his clients have a sense of security with Jungle Disk, and even notes that “... restoring information is the part that helps our clients the most since they know that their data is protected against any event there is a threat.

For one client, it was life-changing. Garcia recalls a time when they “talked to a client about Jungle Disk and the benefits it could have on their information. We placed them on trial and its databases were secured for a few days. In the following week, the client called me because he had an energy problem and his server was unusable. Fortunately, Jungle Disk was on trial and the most important information of his company was secured. Immediately the client contracted with Jungle Disk."

Garcia describes Jungle Disk’s impact as “incalculable” and recounts: “When you tell your client that your server does not have an alternate backup or that you did not invest in an application to support it, it is very sad for them, the life of your company in digital data may be lost. But if you tell them, ‘Do not worry; give me a few minutes to restore your database or your information’ ... It's a feeling of tranquility, that there are people and it’s something they can trust without worrying about anything.”                                                                                          
At Jungle Disk, we pride ourselves on those incalculable impacts and being able to help such a diverse range of small businesses — check out how marketing agency Mason Interactive uses our services to keep files safe and in sync!

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